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Here are some of the benefits we can offer for all types of personal lines policies:

  • ACCIDENT FORGIVENESS- Your driving record is protected after your first at fault accident.
  • CLAIMS FREE DISCOUNT ON A PARENTS HOMEOWNERS POLICY will extend to a childs new property policy when they purchase their own home.
  • OPERATING A BUSINESS OUT OF YOUR HOME- We can insure a small business that operates out of a home- with a home based business extension endorsement that is added to your property policy- which saves considerable cost over obtaining a separate commercial policy.
  • SIMPLE ENDORSEMENT can be added to cover a MAJOR RENOVATION/ADDITION to your home, eliminating a complex and expensive commercial quote.
  • EMERGENCY MEDICAL AND TRAVEL INSURANCE to cover parents, grandparents and children with a great package of coverages and excellent premiums.
  • LANDSCAPING PROJECTS insured on a scheduled floater.
  • BLANKET LIMIT FOR JEWELLERY- with no requirement to schedule each item separately.
  • INDIVIDUALIZED APPROACH TO HOME AND AUTO UNDERWRITING which utilizes many more parameters to offer more discounts- each and every year- so the longer you are driving accident free- the lower your rate will be and the longer you are claims free in your home- the greater the discount.
  • SPECIAL HOMEOWNERS ENDORSEMENT- Homeowners who are 50 or over- if they are claims free for 3 years with the insurer- the first claim will waive the deductible and the claims free discount will not be affected.
  • COMBINE HOME AND AUTO- with no monthly fee for spreading your premium over 12 months.

We represent all of the major insurance markets for your needs and our coverages and premiums are excellent.

Homeowners, Condominiums, Tenants, Rented dwellings, Home based business, Cottages, Trailers, Pleasure crafts, Skidoos, ATVs, Personal auto, Commercial Auto, Small Commercial Risks, Professional Office exposure, Contractors, Restaurants, Professional liability insurance and risks which are more difficult to place such as loss frequency and operators with multiple convictions and or accidents.

Special attention to insurable limits is very important particularly when it comes to the cost of rebuilding. We meet all clients fact to face to qualify all loss exposures and we explain policy wordings so customers know exactly what they are covered for and what is excluded.

For All Types of General Insurance